• Residents rake leaves to curbside
  • Blowing leaves off the curb - that's why they can get them even when they aren't in the street already
  • Start pushing the leaves to the intersection - this little tractor with the sweeper on the front is like a little terrier, racing back and forth
  • Making a big pile of leaves
  • Bring in the loading team - the front loader fills the garbage truck hopper while the sweeper neatens the pile
  • The little guy tries to keep the leaves from escaping, sometimes it gets a good push in the process
  • Full up already - the leaves are not shredded, but compacted in the normal garbage truck way
  • Remove the hopper - the front loader trades its bucket for a lifter and removes the hopper
  • Off goes that load
  • Put the hopper on the new truck
  • Neaten up with the street sweeper

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