• Mailboxes stick out of snow
  • Car tracks in the deep snow
  • Even after the power came on, this big branch hung - barely - above the power lines
  • Private tree service removes a hanging branch
  • Branches of trees covered in ice, snow on the ground
  • Residents navigate the road on skis
  • icicles hang down from berries on a tree
  • A leaf hangs frozen from its tree
  • A fork in a branch is split to the trunk
  • A small tree bends to the ground under the heavy ice
  • The neighborhood covered in ice
  • We lost so many wonderful trees. some were damaged beyond saving
  • City equipment begins clearing the cut branches
  • If you only shoveled once, you just didn't understand what was happening
  • So far, so good...untill they plow the street
  • Somehow, the post office still delivered
  • Mailman pulls truck onto snow bank to deliver mail
  • Going back up the hill isn't so hard if you have a
  • Icicles hang from the gutters
  • Debris removal taking place April 2
  • Collecting smaller stacks of debris with smaller equipment
  • Huge pile of brush in the intersection
  • Loading huge brush pile into dump truck

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