Who should I contact if the snow plow hits my mailbox?
Should you live in Phase 1 or 2 and your mailbox gets struck by the city during snow plowing, contact the Department of Public Works at 337-9459. DPW will review the policy with you and determine the responsibility of replacement. The city uses a standard design wood post and a standard design metal mail box for replacement. If the property owner wants a different mailbox or post other than the standard design provided, the owner may receive up to $25 compensation for post replacement and up to $25 for mailbox replacement. Sorry, but the city will not repair or replace decorative mailboxes and decorative posts. Non-standard mailboxes and enclosures placed in the public right of way are at the owner’s risk and responsibility.

If you live in Phase 3, the snow removal company is hired by the developer. Notification should be to Mayberry Homes at 517-371-5000.

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