Pinecrest Neighborhood Association Logo

The purposes of the East Lansing Pinecrest Neighborhood Association are:
- to represent the Pinecrest Neighborhood before the City and other governmental units;
- to relay information to the residents of the Pinecrest Neighborhood concerning actions by government and others having an impact on the neighborhood;
- to raise funds and secure volunteers for improvements of Pinecrest Neighborhood public facilities; 
- to sponsor social activities for the Pinecrest Neighborhood;
- to form liaisons with other East Lansing community and neighborhood associations for projects of mutual concern.

The Pinecrest Neighborhood is defined as the portion of the City of East Lansing bounded on the north by Lake Lansing Road, on the east by Harrison Road, on the south by Woodingham Drive, and on the west by Coolidge Road. This includes only those properties on the interior of the boundary, except Woodingham Drive where properties on both sides are included. The Pinecrest Townhouses are excluded.

Ways to contact us:
- Send an email to to join the e-newsletter list.
- Search for our Facebook Group: East Lansing Pinecrest Neighborhood Association
- Click the "Board of Directors" click in the upper-left of this page to see a list of emails and phone numbers for our board.