City Codes

City Codes

"PACE (Parking and Code Enforcement) is responsible for enforcing ordinances that maintain the safety and appearance of our neighborhoods.  You can use the City's web site to search for information about housing codes, trash and any other  topic. Just type in a key word.    Take a look at some of the important need-to-know ordinances that will guide you to living in East Lansing:

  • Sec. 36-85: Be sure your trash is properly stored (use rigid closed containers)
  • Sec. 36-85: Don't put your trash at the curb until 8 p.m. the night before pickup.
  • Sec. 36-85: Remove your trash containers and recycling bins from the curb the day of your pickup.
  • Sec. 36-85: Any bulk items (furniture, appliances, etc) require a bulk item sticker. These can be purchased at City Hall and Public Works.
  • Sec. 302-4: Keep your lawn neat and trimmed.
  • Sec. 48-36: Keep trees and shrubs trimmed so sidewalks and street corners are not physically or visually obstructed.
  • Sec. 38-127: Sidewalks should be cleared within 24 hours of a snowfall.

  • Sec. 302.10: Don't use or store indoor furniture on any porch, deck, balcony or lawn.

  • Sec. 302.11: Park in designated parking areas only. Don't drive or park on the lawn.

  • Sec. 14-36: Vehicles must be operable (no flat tires) and have a current license.

  • Sec. 36-86-h: Refuse containers (trash cans and dumpsters) are required to be concealed or enclosed in shed or garage or place inconspiciously next to the structure (if on the side, at least half the distance of the structure back from the street).

If a property is issued a property violation notice, there is a specified period of time given for compliance. If the officer reinspects and the property is found to be in compliance, it is noted in the file report. If the property is not in compliance, a civil infraction citation is issued to the property owner/manager. If the property remains in non-compliance, PACE coordinates with the Department of Public Works to abate the problem and bring the property into compliance. This cost is assessed to the property owner."