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Announcement - May 1, 2021

It is that time of year has arrived for Ron Lewis to activate and check your irrigation system.   Starting at 1:00 pm on Thursday May 6th and running through Saturday May 8th, Ron will be knocking on doors and reaching out to each homeowner to activate and check on the status of your irrigation system.  To do this, Ron will need to access your lower level water supply.  I am aware of some homeowners who will not be available, but have made arrangements with their neighbors to get Ron into the home.  For those who will not be home and have not made arrangements with neighbors, you will need to make an appointment with Ron to provide this service.  At the end of this email, I will provide Ron's cell number, please put his number in you contacts list.

We have many new neighbors (welcome) in the Eagle Eye development.  Some of you have yet to move in, others have closed on the sale but the current homeowners have not moved.  Between the existing resident and the new homeowner, please make arrangements to have the irrigation system serviced.  This service, among others, is provided by the HOA as part of your dues assessment.

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