Walnut Heights

Walnut Heights comprises the homes north of Burcham Drive, south of Haslett Road, east of Hagadorn Road, and west of Park Lake Road. The neighborhood consists of three phases of single family homes, built between 1952 and 1964, as well as single family homes and duplexes just north of this development along Parkvale. Residents are comprised of families, young couples, grad students, empty nesters and retirees. The neighborhood is adjacent to MacDonald Middle School and across the street from Marble Elementary, and is easy biking or walking distance to:
  • Downtown East Lansing
  • East Lansing High School
  • Michigan State University
  • Patriarch Park
Walnut Heights in the Fall
The Walnut Heights Association Board consists of 4 Board officers who are elected at the annual meeting in September. In addition there are several committee chairs for the neighborhood directory and special events. Get more information about the Neighborhood Association and contact information for the Association Board Officers and committee chairs.