Pinecrest Townhouses

The purpose of Pinecrest Townhouses Association is to keep members apprised of condominium activities.
The boundaries of this neighborhood are, Trafalger, Barclay.

  • 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m.
  • Elections December


Title Name Address Phone Email
Bret Totoraitis
2790 Dunwoody Circle
914-6241 Email
Vice President
Marilyn Frost
933 Trafalger Lane
332-0571 Email
Treasurer Gary Osepchuk
957 Barclay
586-304-2470 Email
Director Mary Gowans
929 Trafalger Lane
351-6136 Email
Director Roger Niemeyer
951 Barclay Lane
351-1055 N/A
Director Jim Buehler
PO Box 16091/ 927-T, Lansing 48901
285-4271 Email