The purpose of the Glencairn Neighborhood Association is to preserve the neighborhood and communicate with residents in order to promote community spirit.


The neighborhood boundaries are Abbot, Grand River, Saginaw.


Glencairn neighbors and those involved with the Glencairn Neighborhood Association are encouraged to join the Glencairn Neighborhood Association Facebook group.

Members (Updated February 2024)

 Title Name Email
President Peter Dewan Email
Vice President
Kristin Clark N/A
Secretary Meegan Holland N/A
Treasurer Dona McGovern N/A
At-Large Kristin Bellar N/A
At-Large Barbara Andersen N/A
At-Large Sarah Reckhow N/A
At-Large Jennifer White  
At-Large Caroline Ruddell  
At-Large Stephanie Stevens Izydorek  
At-Large Jill Berryman  
At-Large Kara Eldridge  

Volunteers (Updated June 2018)

Title Name
Picnic Chair Kim Ringlever