Abbot Parkside Homeowners Association

The purpose of the Abbot Parkside is to bind residents together in a friendly and purposeful way, foster a concept of mutual assistance, inform residents of important issues, provide a way for residents to act in concert to protect their interests, and further the development of Abbot Parkside as a quality place to live.

The neighborhood boundaries are Abbey Road, Audreys Way and Harrington Lane.

  • Held annually (will be announced)
  • Election in March
Members (updated January 2014)
Title Name Address Phone Email
President Mary Jo DeHaven
2841 Marfitt Road (517) 290-0466 Email
Treasurer Madan Lalwani
1168 Harrington Lane (517) 337-2086 Email

At Large Joe Caruso
2844 Turtlecreek Drive (517) 332-7747 Email
At Large Megan Drouare 2840 Turtlecreek Drive (734) 765-0965
At Large Phil Sidoti
1230 Harrington Lane (517) 333-8323 Email