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Posted on: September 20, 2020

Amendment to BCA Constitution and Bylaws

The Associations Constitution and Bylaws have not been updated since the 1974. The Board has worked
over the last year to make changes to modernize and simplify our governing documents. These
documents need to be approved and adopted by two-thirds majority of the members present at our
annual meeting slated for October 22nd, 2020. This memo is announcing the changes thirty (30) days
prior to the vote. Below is a summary of the changes made and attached are the modernized BCA
Constitution and Bylaws.

Summary of Changes:

  • Revised constitution and by-laws incorporate current operating practices that were not
    consistent with the existing constitution and by-laws.
  • Removed term-limits for Association officers and Board members.
  • Added that exceptions to the catchment area requirement may be made by the Board.
  • Clarified committees and functions to reflect current Association needs and directions.
  • Simplified nominating requirements for officers and Board members. May take nominations
    from the floor rather than create a nominating committee.
  • Deleted requirements in the constitution and by-laws (e.g., dues, term-limits and nominating
    requirements) to move decisions to the BCA Board and to give the Board greater operating
  • Amount of annual dues is no longer specified in the constitution or by-laws and are determined
    by the Board based on the needs of the organization.
  • Original 1974 documents can be found on the Association website:

The proposed revised constitution an by-laws can be viewed here:

The annual meeting announcement and Zoom instructions for that meeting will come to you in a
separate memo.

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