Board of Directors

The purpose of the RCCA is to maintain good communications among all neighbors and surrounding entities; to encourage compliance with City of East Lansing ordinances; to promote social and outreach opportunities for residents to enhance a sense of community; to value our natural setting, our diversity, our walkable community and unique location that helps define our quality of life. The RCCA boundaries are Harrison, I-496, Marigold and Trowbridge.

Meets quarterly or as needed.

 Title  Name  Address   Contact
 President Ruth Stump   1134 Marigold Email 
Vice President (vacant)  
Secretary Marcie Schwartz  1325 Lilac Email
Treasurer Linda Dunn  1243 Lilac Email 
Member Jeffrey Friedle  1233 Tanager Email 
Member Kathy Boyle
 1256 Scott Drive Email
Member Chris Barton  1325 Lilac Email
Member Chris Young  1240 Tanager Email 
Member Austin Kaufmann 1211 Lilac Email
City Staff Liaison  Jake Parcell   Email 
East Lansing City Council Liaison Erik Altmann   Email