Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

The Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood is a beautiful place to live. With approximately 100 homes, the streets are lined with elegant trees that provide comforting shade to the neighborhood.

The neighborhood boundaries are Oakland, Maplewood, Roseland, Hagadorn, Grand River and east City limits.


  • Held annually in September (picnic) and as needed
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Title Name Address Phone Email
President Edward Swanson
245 Maplewood (517) 316-6470 Email
Vice President Jennifer Castner
205 Oakland

Treasurer Alan Munn 164 Oakland

Secretary John Boughman
216 Maplewood

Communications Officer Dawn Parker 253 Oakland
Communications Officer
Kay Ruekberg
227 Oakland
Members at Large Mike Benedict
147 Oakland

  Beth Blythe
144 Oakland
  Philip Eisenlohr
236 Oakland
  Jeffrey Johnson
144 Maplewood