Chartwell Condominium Association

The Chartwell Neighborhood is driven to work with the management firm (which it hires), see to the outdoor maintenance of the properties (including lawn care, snow removal, exterior painting and repairs, roofing, etc.), establish and monitor a budget for these activities, and establish policy for members’ benefit.

The neighborhood boundaries are Coventry Close and Somerset Close.

  • Meets six times a year @ 4:30 p.m.
  • Annual meeting is held in February @ 7 p.m.
  • Election held in February (two-year terms)
Members (updated January 2014)
Title Name Address Phone Email
President Barbara McMillan
1404 Coventry Close (517) 351-3895 Email
Vice-President Joan Hunault 1423 Coventry Close (517) 373-8194
Secretary Paulette Johnson 1409 Somerset Close (517) 332-7240
Treasurer Kathy Ballard 1428 Somerset Close (517) 332-8148
Director Susan Cady 1417 Somerset Close (517) 351-3428